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Obtaining a residence permit in Georgia by purchasing a property and investing in Georgia

Buy Property in Georgia

Buying a property in Georgia is one of the easiest ways to obtain a residency for all family members.

Investment in Georgia

Investing in Georgia in a proper and right way will bring permanent residence in Georgia.

Georgia Residence Permit

Several different ways to apply for Georgia residence permit, depending on the applicant’s circumstances.

Obtaining a Residence in Georgia with the purchase of property

Getting a residence permit in Georgia by buying a property in Georgia is one of the easiest ways to get a residence permit in Georgia.
By buying a property in Georgia and investing in real estate in Georgia you can obtain a residency for all family members.

The process of buying a property and obtaining a residence in Georgia

Consultation with Georgia experts

Do not rush! First, consult with a real estate and investment expert in Georgia and to be informed of the latest changes and new rules.

Travel to Georgia to explore

Do not rush! After consulting and learning about the latest rules and regulations, take a trip to Georgia for an in-depth look.

Obtain a residence in Georgia

Do not rush! The settlement and registration of real estate documents and applications for residence in Georgia will be done in a few hours.

Invest in Georgia Real Estate

Georgia has attracted the attention of those who care about maintaining and increasing their capital due to the favorable situation for investing in real estate, as well as the facility of a residence card for foreign citizens.

By investing in Georgian real estate, in addition to obtaining residency for yourself and your family, you will benefit from the added value of real estate growth.

Residency of Georgia

Due to current law, a holder of a residence card in Georgia can stay in Georgia forever. Have a bank account, work, live and study and enjoy all citizenship rights (except the right to vote).

By obtaining temporary residence in Georgia and renewing it consecutively, you can apply for a permanent residence card in Georgia after a period of five years.

Learn how GeoVest Holding will help you?

GeoVest Holding, a Georgian Company which is registered and legal in Georgia Country and provides a variety of services in the field of Georgian real estate, investment in Georgia and obtaining residence in Georgia.

Immigration to Georgia

Immigrating to Georgia requires careful study and decision-making after principled counseling.
GeoVest Holding suggests not rushing to immigrate to Georgia or invest in Georgian real estate!

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