Immigration to Georgia

Everything about immigration to Georgia

These days many people from all over the world are thinking about immigration to countries like Turkey, Russia, UAE, and European countries but actually the highest demand is for Georgia.

What makes some people choose this country as a popular immigration country?

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

In this article, we want to justify the high number of demands of immigrants to Georgia.
And let’s look at the logical reasons for the increase in immigrant populations and also know about the advantages and disadvantages of Georgia.

For more information on obtaining residency in Georgia through immigration, read the latest Georgia residency laws.

Why immigrate to Georgia?

Not all justifications for immigration can be considered in terms of their benefits, rather many statistics on immigration to this country are due to the lack of better conditions.
For instance, a family that was trying to save money for immigration to European countries like Germany now they are faced a big problem because of the sudden rise in the rate of the dollar the value of their assets declines sharply.
Until now, they could have bought the property in Germany with the money saved and spent the rest on starting a business, but now with that little money, the best possible solution is to immigrate to Georgia. Of course, this does not mean that there are no accommodation benefits for them in this country. In the following, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of migrating to Georgia. We provide you with information.

Advantages and disadvantages of migrating to Georgia

The first advantage of migrating to this country is the low cost of living, which allows foreigners to start a business in this country, even with a small amount of capital, which can only be used for a few days of travel in European countries.
Another case is receiving a residence permit from Georgia and then obtaining a Georgian passport. If you can secure residence in this country and then obtain citizenship, you can take advantage of the Georgian passport to travel and immigrate to other countries, especially European countries.

Another advantage is the possibility of Georgia joining the European Union.
Many foreigners who have immigrated to Georgia have come to Georgia not to stay and live, but to invest in Georgia.
If Georgia becomes a member of the European Union, real estate prices will rise. In addition to rising property prices and economic prosperity, if the country joins the European Union, its citizens’ visas will be upgraded to Schengen visas. This means traveling to 26 European countries without a visa!!

Many foreigners have decided to invest in Georgia because this country ranks 9th among more than 150 countries in the world in terms of ease of starting a business, which has attracted maximum capital.
If we look at the news of the last two years in the world, we see that different countries have been subjected to terrorist attacks, but one of the few countries that continued to maintain its security even in this deplorable situation was Georgia. So another reason is high safety.

In addition, High recreational facilities and very beautiful, stunning, and intact nature are what made this country to be different from the others. Also, the recreational facilities built in it attract thousands of passengers from all over the world.
All these positive points have caused Georgia, with a population of 5 million, to host more than 8 million tourists and travelers in 2018.

What are the disadvantages of migrating to this country?

Even if you are planning to immigrate to Germany, France, and other countries, this migration, along with the benefits, also has disadvantages that you should be aware of before making a serious decision.
One of the disadvantages of migrating to Georgia is the unemployment rate!
Georgia is not a rich country. Of course, with the new policies being implemented by government agencies, we will see good economic developments in the country in the future, but in any case, the country has many unemployed people, and it might be caused by the rise in the number of foreigners.
So It’s better if you have thought about your job and business before you immigrate to Georgia.
Also, car and real estate transactions in Georgia are done in dollars, which is not pleasant for some people who earn money in different currencies like Dirham or so on.
Eventually, the country’s small population has slowed its growth, but using the high capacity to receive immigrants, as well as tourists, could be the solution.

Immigration conditions to Georgia

Once you’ve become familiar with the pros and cons of migrating to Georgia and being able to make a serious decision, it’s time to learn about the conditions for traveling and migrating to Georgia. The most important thing to immigrate to Georgia is to get a residence permit.
It is better not to choose methods of migration through asylum, labor, and marriage.
On the other hand, If you have enough capital, the best offer is to immigrate through investment in Georgia and then immigration through the purchase of a real estate in Georgia. In this case, you can have an ideal life in Georgia and also the government will support you.

We suggest you contact our immigration consultants in Georgia to make a better decision.

If you are still not sure about your immigration to Georgia and you don’t know the right decision,
Let us talk clearly!

If you do not have enough money to make an ideal life do not move to Georgia and change your mind!!
Many foreigners initially think that the only problem they face is entering the country and receiving a residence permit in Georgia.
You should know that if you have financial problems or do not have a job, you will face other problems as soon as you get in Georgia, and you will not be able to solve any of them on your own.