Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a property in Georgia

  • If you intend to obtain a residence permit in Georgia by purchasing a property, the total value of your non-agricultural property must be at least $ 100,000.
  • If the property is purchased in Georgia, the owner and family members will be granted a one-year residence permit in Georgia.
  • Since travel to Georgia is visa-free for many nationalities, a single passport is enough to buy a property.
  • In order to obtain a residence permit in Georgia through the purchase of the real estate, for some of the nationalities, it is necessary to have an official translation of justice with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from their country.
  • All costs related to the buy or sale of property, documents, and commissions are the responsibility of the seller. Buying a property in Georgia is TAX-free.

Investing in Georgia

  • By investing a total of $ 300,000, you can get a special 5-year residency in Georgia for yourself and all your family members.
  • According to the experience and analysis of statistics, the best, most efficient and safest way to invest in Georgia, is in the construction and real estate industry.
  • Georgia’s construction industry is growing and developing fast, with profits of 50 to 100 times as much as the Building construction, villa construction, mass construction, and reconstruction.
  • Free trade policies with other countries, reasonable taxes, appropriate customs tariffs and cheap labor in Georgia are among the most important advantages of a doing business in Georgia.
  • The construction industry, tourism, agriculture, livestock, and recycling industries are in a better position than other industries to invest in Georgia.

Immigration to Georgia

  • Culture, democracy and freedom, ease of obtaining residence and low cost of living in Georgia are the most important reasons for migrating to this country.
  • Georgia is pursuing the prospect of joining Europe as a permanent member, and its positive changes can be seen everywhere.
  • Immigrating through purchase a real estate or investing in Georgia, starting a business, studying or getting married and working in Georgia are the most popular ways among foreign citizens.
  • If you don’t have the capital to build an ideal life in Georgia, forget to immigrate to Georgia. It’s not a good idea to Immigrating to Georgia to find a job and we don’t recommend it.

We strongly recommend that you do not choose refuge, labor, and marriage immigration ways to immigrate to Georgia!

Residence in Georgia

  • Residence in Georgia means obtaining a residence permit for one or more years. A person who obtains a residence permit in Georgia has all the rights of a citizen of Georgia except the right to vote.
  • People who succeed in obtaining a residence permit in Georgia can apply for permanent residence in Georgia over time and with a continuous extension, and in some cases, they can get a Georgian passport.
  • Getting a residence permit in Georgia by buying a property in Georgia and getting a residence permit in Georgia by investing in Georgia is the most logical solution available.
  • Obtaining a residence permit in Georgia requires legal and professional consulting, and a mistake in choosing a route can lead to the applicant’s name being blacklisted by the Georgian government!
  • For some nationalities, applicants for any type of residence in Georgia must have a certificate of official translation without any criminal record and verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their countries or in some cases in embassy.