Investing in Georgia

Investing in Georgia

Investing in Georgia requires in-depth research. Surely, you who are reading this article are looking for more information about investing in Georgia. Investing in Georgia can be a good choice for you.

In the continuation of this article, we will first explain the reasons for the importance of investing in Georgia, and then we will introduce you to the best ways to invest in this country.

For more information on obtaining residency in Georgia through investment, read the latest Georgia residency laws.

Reasons to Invest in Georgia

Georgia has become one of the youngest economic powers in Asia due to fundamental changes over the past 10 years. The country’s political and financial system is free of corruption and cannot stand in the way of those interested in investing. In 2018, the country ranked 9th in the world among the easiest countries to start a business and this shows how much this small country has a great ability to attract capital to start different types of jobs.

The cost of living in Georgia is low, and this makes the citizens of this country have a high purchasing power. The salary of a Georgian employee is just over $ 400.

One of the issues that can well justify the investment in Georgia is the commitment of the country’s political system to a free economy. The free economy has made the production and pricing of goods entirely in the process of increasing quality.

In a way, Georgia owes its free economy to the signing of the 2014 agreement with the European Union. The agreement has greatly helped boost prosperity in the country. In addition, there have been recent rumors of Georgia joining the Europe union, and if that happens, we can expect an amazing economic revolution in Georgia.

Given the country’s location between the two major continents of Asia and Europe, the importance of investing in it is increasing and in this regard, the state laws registered have reduced taxes as much as possible to facilitate this activity.

Ultimately, all of this shows us the importance of investing in Georgia. If you have the money to invest, Georgia seems to be the best place to invest in the region. In the following, we will introduce investment opportunities in Georgia.

The best way to invest in Georgia

First of all, after examining all the existing advantages, one of the important disadvantages should be considered for investing in Georgia, and that is the low population of this country. Georgia’s total population is 5 million and that might be a little too limited for you to choose from. Because of this low population, you can’t choose any business to invest in.

Introducing Investment Opportunities in Georgia

The following strategies are among the best investment opportunities in Georgia:

Investment in Construction in Georgia

With a little experience and a little capital, you can start investing in Georgia through construction. In the past, the construction industry in the country was declining but recently, with the new law regulating Georgia’s residency and then Georgian citizenship through the purchase of the real estate in Georgia, the industry has made good progress. By this law, foreign immigrants can buy and enjoy real estate in the country And then, after the extension of this stay, the citizenship of this country is finally given to the mentioned people.

This is the reason why the request for the purchase of the real estate in Georgia by the citizens of the neighboring countries has flowed to this country. and is in this market that one can experience a great and profitable investment.

Here are some ways to start a business and invest by buying a property in Georgia: 

  • Investing in the construction of the residential property
  • Investing in the construction of office property
  • Investing in commercial property construction

Finally, given that the construction of residential houses requires less capital and more people want to buy it, we suggest investing in this type of construction. Of course, if you have a lot of capital, you can initially invest some of it in commercial construction and if you get the right feedback, keep doing it.

In addition, the minimum investment required to buy a property in order to obtain a residence permit in Georgia is $ 35,000.

Investment in Agriculture and Livestock in Georgia

Fertile and abundant land and sufficient water are the reasons for the prosperity of agriculture in Georgia. If you have done such activities in the past and gained good experience in it, count on the agricultural industry to invest in Georgia.

Many people in the country are currently engaged in the agriculture business, which makes it easier to do so. To start such a business in Georgia, you first need to consider the needs of the market. Of course, if you want to farm in large areas, you can not just limit the sales market of your products to this country you can sell them in neighboring Asian and European countries.

The prosperity of agriculture in this country has caused livestock and animal husbandry to grow well. Therefore, you can pay special attention to this activity. Of course, animal husbandry is not just about sheep, Among the types of livestock that you can raise in this country are:

  • Raising woolen sheep in Georgia
  • Growing mutton sheep in Georgia
  • Growing of dairy cows in Georgia
  • Growing of beef in Georgia
  • Breeding broiler and laying hens in Georgia
  • Breeding Pig in Georgia
  • Breeding turkeys in Georgia
  • And more…

The right climate and enough food will keep your hands free in choosing the type of animal you want to breed. One thing to keep in mind before choosing agriculture and animal husbandry to invest in Georgia is, unfortunately, according to the newly registered laws, the sale of agricultural land to foreign nationals by Georgian citizens is prohibited. Of course, if your decision to enter the industry is serious, you can use other solutions for this law.

One solution is to lease the farm from the owner for 99 years. In this case, you have actually bought the land from the owner and you can work in the land for the rest of your life.

Investment in Georgian Industry

Part of the country’s economy is centered on the industry, which means a good investment opportunity in Georgia. To choose the best type of activity, you can carefully review and research according to your budget. But if you ask us, Georgia currently has a large vacancy in its packaging industry.

That’s why you can count on it well and start a profitable investment. The reason for this proposal from our side is the existence of many manufacturing industries in this country and in contrast to the shortage of packaging industries. It is interesting to know that the packaging industry in Georgia is also supported by the government.

In order to make the right choice on the website, it is better to look for the statistics provided by the manufactured materials in this country, and finally, choose the right industry for packaging and enter it.

Investing in Georgia Energy

One of the interesting policies of Georgia, which is also very profitable for the economy, is the export of electricity produced by the country and then the purchase of electricity from private companies or import it. This is why electricity production in this country is always supported by the government and the final product is purchased.

If you have the capital to start a power plant, investing in Georgia will no doubt be very profitable for you. One of the most common methods of generating electricity that you can use in this country is generating electricity through solar energy with solar panels. Setting up such a power plant does not require a lot of capital.

In addition to sunlight, water, wind, tides, heat and are free energies that you can use to generate and sell the electricity your country needs.

 Investing in Georgia’s Tourism

The interesting statistics of 2018 about the tourism industry of Georgia will surprise you. Georgia has a total population of 5 million but this year, more than 8 million tourists have visited the country. In 2018, that number was 7 million and statistics show a growing trend in the country’s tourism industry.

In this way, the tourism industry can be seen as an exceptional investment opportunity in Georgia. Of course, the prosperity of this industry should not cause confusion and sudden decisions on your part. Before you start thinking about investing in this part of Georgia, you need to take a good look at its market. First, you need to choose the city you want and then you have to pay attention to the activity compared to the existing budget.

Then examine the profits and competitors in this field and finally, after seeing the story from all angles, you can go to start up and invest in this country.

According to statistics, building a hotel can now be very profitable for investors. In addition to building a hotel, you can build restaurants, food outlets, entertainment companies, resorts, and more.

Investing in Georgian Ports

If we look at the connection between Europe and Asia, we realize that the best and most reliable way possible right now is Georgia !! This country has good economic security as well as political and military. Therefore, in the future, it can be mentioned as a king road used for maritime transport. Meanwhile, the maximum capacity of the Suez Canal can increase the importance of this waterway.

If you have a good experience in port and customs activities or know that you can handle such activities, you can count on investing in Georgia through ports.

Important and basic goods are exported and imported through the ports of this country. Government agencies also pay close attention to this issue, and large budgets are spent on the construction of new ports. According to the news, in the latest key project, it is planned to operate a port with a capacity of 100 million tons. In this regard, the project of connecting Georgia to Azerbaijan through the railway in order to increase the capacity and capacity of ports has been completed.

Government laws have made it as easy as possible to clear and export through the country’s ports so that foreign investors can count on them.

Last word: In this article, we first tried to justify investing in Georgia with logical reasons and then to introduce the best investment opportunities in Georgia. We hope you found this article useful.