About our company & our activities

Our Company…

Ava Georgia (registration number : 404581001)
A Georgian Company which is registered and legal in Georgia Country and provides a variety of services in the field of Georgian real estate, investment in Georgia and obtaining residence in Georgia.

Our Experts…

Ava Georgia’s experts are living in Georgia with fluency in English, Georgian, Azeri, Persian and Russian.
Our experts review your applications and requests in various real estate, investment, legal, administrative and marketing departments.

Our Customers…

Ava Georgia’s customers are a diverse range of applicants for immigration or investment in real estate or starting a business in Georgia who are looking to obtain a legal residence permit in Georgia, depending on the circumstances.

More about the company

Do Not Hurry! Our recommendation to applicants for immigration or investing in Georgian real estate! Make a decision based on research and careful consideration of migrating or buying a property in Georgia.

More about our experts

Ava Georgia’s experts in the field of immigration, investment, real estate and legal services of the Georgian Legal Department specialize in your field of work and will guide you correctly and transparently from beginning to end.