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Buy a property in Georgia

Proper consulting and careful study before buying real estate in Georgia, can make you get a residency for your family members.

Georgian real estate

Recently the purchase of the real estate by foreign investors has been common in Georgia. And that has led to significant growth in Georgia’s real estate market.

Foreign investors are able to obtain a residence permit in Georgia by purchasing a property with an official valuation of $100,000 USD.

Some regulations have been enacted recently in Georgia to attract foreign investors and their capitals to Georgia’s real estate in the best possible way.

The most important advantage of buying a property in Georgia is getting a residence permit in Georgia. The most important regulation that the Georgian government has made to increase the real estate transactions is the ease of obtaining residence permits for buyers.

According to Georgian’s new law about residency, a foreign applicant is able to get a one-year residency through buying a property with an official evaluation of $100,000, and then if they do not have any legal problems during the validity period they’ll be able to extend it consecutively.

some advantage of purchasing a property in Georgia

  1. Obtaining a Georgian residency through purchasing a property. (all family members)
  2. it gives you all the rights that Georgian citizens have. (except voting)
  3. Ease of obtaining a visa and cheap travel to Schengen countries, Canada, and the United States.
  4. Annual value added is about 12% and capital retention as foreign exchange in US dollars.

Also, with the possibility of offering the property as an annual rent and receiving 1% of the value of the property as monthly rent, you can have a perfect investment in Georgia by buying several houses.

Investing in Georgia

Investing in Georgia can be done in three ways: real estate, tourism, and business start-ups.

Investing in Georgia

Investing in Georgia can be done in three ways: real estate, tourism, and business start-ups. Investing in Georgia can bring a special five-year residency for you and your family.

Recently because of economic and political changes, life has been changed in Georgia.

On the other hand, approaching EU citizenship standards has made the country a good place to invest.

Georgia supports the open economy. investment rules are clear, and also in the world statistics, Georgia is one of the top 10 countries in terms of ease of setting up different businesses.

Georgia’s total population is about four million.

So you have to be careful about the investment methods that you choose.

Investing in Georgian real estate, investing in Georgian tourism, and in some cases, agriculture.

and animal husbandry, industry and energy, are well-known opportunities to invest, but before doing anything, you should carefully examine the right options.

Georgia has consistently been creating the best conditions for investors, making it easy in accordance with the EU’s standards.

The Georgian government has facilitated hotel and tourism construction services. Provides proper infrastructure, collects low taxes, and provides appropriate customs services.

Georgia has a free trade agreement with the European Union, Turkey, and other countries such as Russia and Kazakhstan, which allows Georgia’s products to be exported without any customs duties or taxes.

some Investment advantages in Georgia

  • Free trade policies and No restrictions on trade operations with other countries.
  • Reasonable and acceptable tax.
  • Per capita income is suitable for Georgian citizens.
  • Low customs clearance tariffs and appropriate customs services
  • Standard services and the advancement of inbound and outbound transportation.
  • Governmental support.
  • Low labor cost in Georgia.

Due to the latest changes in Georgia’s residence law, with an investment of $300,000 USD, you can obtain a special residence permit for Georgian investment for 5 years for yourself and your family members.

Residence in Georgia

There are several ways to obtain residency in Georgia; obtaining residency is facilitated through the purchase of property and investment in Georgia.

Obtaining Georgian residency

Low living costs, good economic conditions, democracy and freedom, safety, and so on are some of the main reasons for applying for residency in Georgia. Georgia’s membership in the European Union and NATO doubles the interest of Georgia’s residency.

Residence in Georgia means obtaining a residence permit for one or more years. A person who obtains a residence permit in Georgia has all the rights of a citizen of Georgia except the right to vote.

If Georgia is admitted to the European Schengen area, Georgian residency holders will have special privileges for visa-free travel to Europe, and also the process of obtaining Georgian residency will be more difficult for new applicants.

People who have Georgian residency can apply for permanent residence in Georgia over time and with a continuous extension, and in some cases, they can obtain a Georgian passport.

There are 7 general ways to get the Georgian residency: Getting a residence permit in Georgia by buying a property in Georgia and getting a residence permit in Georgia by investing in Georgia are the most logical ways.

Obtaining a residence permit in Georgia requires legal and professional consulting, and a mistake in choosing a route can lead to the applicant’s name being blacklisted by the Georgian government!

Different ways to get Georgian residency

  • Obtaining residency by purchasing a property in Georgia
  • Obtaining residency by investing in Georgia
  • Obtaining residency through employment
  • Obtaining residency by registering a company in Georgia
  • Obtaining residency by getting married in Georgia
  • Obtaining residency by studying in Georgia
  • Obtaining residency through your first-degree relatives

Applicants for any type of residence in Georgia must have a certificate of official translation without a bad background and no criminal record stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

GeoVest Holding (I/N: 404581001) – A Georgian Company!

GeoVest Holding provides a variety of services in the field of Georgian real estate, investment in Georgia, and obtaining residence in Georgia.
GeoVest experts are living in Georgia with fluency in English, Georgian, Azeri, Persian, and Russian.
Our experts review your applications and requests in various real estate, investment, legal, administrative and marketing departments.

Business in Georgia

To be successful in running a business in Georgia you will be required to have good professional advice due to the fact that Georgia has a small population but still a profitable market.

Running a Business in Georgia

Georgia is a developing country with an open economy and is ranked among the top countries in terms of global ease of doing business.

In addition to the special benefits of starting a business in Georgia, you should pay special attention to the small population and small market of Georgia.

Before you start doing any business you need to travel to Georgia and make some local research. You need to look closely at everything.

GeoVest Holding company advises you:

Don’t migrate to Georgia to find a job because you will definitely have a problem.

Georgia has good benefits for starting a business, but due to the high unemployment rate and low labor cost and benefits, it is not recommended for job seekers.

Low labor cost in Georgia is actually good for business owners and investors, also Georgia is in a good position for trade and investment.

Georgia has made great political and economic changes in recent years. Advances in approaching EU standards have made the country a good place to invest.

Investing in Georgian real estate, investing in the Georgian tourism industry, and in some cases, the agriculture and recycling industry are well known, and also you will have more chances to have a successful business.

Benefits of Starting a Business in Georgia

  • Economic growth
  • Supporting a free and non-governmental economy
  • Possibility of exporting to Europe without tariffs
  • Low and affordable labor cost
  • Business without economic barriers
  • A special boom in the construction, tourism and agriculture industries

After registering a company, you can obtain a residence permit in Georgia by starting a business in Georgia and observing the legal requirements.

Construction in Georgia

Construction in Georgia is growing due to special supply and demand in the construction industry.

Construction and Renovation in Georgia

Construction in Georgia or the reconstruction and renovation of the building is undoubtedly the best and safest investment in Georgia, which will bring special benefits to the investor.

The supply and demand and the attraction of foreign investors for Georgian real estate, along with the easy conditions for obtaining Georgian residency, have always kept this market booming.

Completion of newly built apartments, including ceramics, paintings, and cabinets, is now a common business.

the newly built apartment unit being purchased as a “black frame” or “white frame” and then completed and renovated according to the owner’s taste.

Construction in Georgia is considered a safe investment, and if it is done in principle, it will be profitable at twice the price per square meter.

The Georgian government has amended Georgia’s construction permit law to improve construction conditions. Due to the high return on investment in construction in Georgia, this has stimulated investment and has a bright future.

Significant improvements have been made to simplify the licensing system in the construction sector, and construction companies are now allowed to use OECD and EU technical regulations to carry out construction projects.

The government has also eliminated the requirements for building permits and simplified the process of issuing building permits.

Estimating the cost of construction in Georgia depends on various factors, such as the amount of initial capital, the location of the project, and the minimum cost of construction.

Paying attention to experience and expertise, financial savings, and strong support, being careful about contractors, and being wise about the process and administrative and legal conditions for construction in Georgia is necessary to work in this field.

Immigration to Georgia

immigration to Georgia and obtaining the residency have several ways which should be considered depending on the applicant’s circumstances.

Ways of immigration to Georgia

Immigrating to Georgia is attractive to foreigners because of its culture and customs, democracy and freedom, ease of residence, and low cost of living in Georgia.

Georgia is pursuing the prospect of joining Europe as a permanent member, and its positive changes can be seen everywhere.

If Georgia becomes a member of the European Union, property prices and living conditions in Georgia will change significantly.

If Georgia becomes a member of the European Union, property prices and living conditions in Georgia will change significantly.

If you do not have enough money to make an ideal life do not move to Georgia and change your mind!!

Many foreigners initially think that the only problem they face is entering the country and receiving a residence permit in Georgia.

You should know that if you have financial problems or do not have a job, you will face other problems as soon as you get in Georgia, and you will not be able to solve any of them on your own

We recommend you not to choose these ways of immigration to Georgia!

  • Immigration to Georgia by getting married
  • Immigration to Georgia as labor
  • Immigration to Georgia as a refugee.

If you have enough capital, the best offer is to immigrate through investment in Georgia and then immigration through the purchase of the real estate in Georgia, In this case, you can have an ideal life in Georgia and also the government will support you.

We suggest you contact our Immigration Consultants in Georgia to make a better decision.