In recent years, due to rising demand for real estate in Georgia, we have seen significant growth in the construction industry.

Construction in Georgia

Investing in Georgia’s construction industry is currently one of the best and most profitable investments.

Especially after the announcement of Georgia’s accession to the European Union, investors in Tbilisi, Batumi and other cities in Georgia have begun rebuilding and renovating buildings, boosting the industry.

In the other hand, the Georgian market is not limited to four million Georgians living in Georgia, but Georgia has opened its market to countries such as Iran, India, Japan, China and many Arab countries, which in fact has attracted many investors from These countries.

At the moment, the profits from construction vary depending on the type of building, the material used, and the neighborhood, but based on the experience we have gained in recent years, you will make at least 40% to 60% profit.

The most important advantage of buying a property in Georgia is getting a residence permit in Georgia. The most important regulation that the Georgian government has made to increase the real estate transactions is the ease of obtaining residence permits for buyers.

construction costs in Georgia

Georgia not only offers low and reasonable costs and low taxes, but also low energy costs.

Also, the costs of wages and labor are very reasonable.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

It is also necessary to select the land on which the construction permit can be obtained or even the previous owner has received the necessary permits.

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Ava Georgia Holding can advise and advise you on construction and land selection and obtaining the necessary permits.

By doing so, you have maintained the value of your money, earned your stay and that of your family members, and most importantly, generated foreign exchange earnings.

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