One of the countries that has attracted the attention of many immigrants today is Georgia. There are various ways to immigrate and obtain residency in this country, one of which is to buy property and invest in Georgia. Georgia will be one of the best destinations for immigrants with stable economic infrastructure, low cost of living, etc. In the following article, we are going to talk more about buying property in Georgia and different ways of investing. Follow us to the end of the article.

About Georgia

Georgia is governed centrally by a republican system, which has led to a high level of economic infrastructure. The cost of living in this country is lower than in other European countries, and the income of employees and employees is also at a moderate level. The capital is Tbilisi, which has hosted many Iranians from all over the world for many years, and one of the ways to obtain residency and citizenship is by buying a property in Georgia, which will lead to permanent residence for individuals.

Types of immigration methods to Georgia

There are many ways to immigrate and become a citizen of this country. The types of residence permits in Georgia are as follows:

  • Obtaining a residence permit through work in Georgia (D1 visa)
  • Obtaining residency through entrepreneurship in Georgia (D2 visa)=
  • Obtaining residency through property purchase and investment in Georgia (D5 visa)
  • Obtaining residency through family reunification (type D4 visa)
  • Stay in Georgia by buying a property

As we have said, one of the ways to get a residence and visa in this country is by buying a property. Foreigners can buy property and invest in Georgia, just like any other citizen, in accordance with the laws and regulations of this country. Any apartment or villa property or purchase of restaurants and hotels in Georgia will eventually lead to residency and citizenship of this country. In recent years, agricultural lands have been among them; But from 2017 onwards, some laws changed and this possibility was removed for foreign nationals.

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If you buy the property and do not sell it for 6 years, you can apply for permanent residence and citizenship of Georgia. A noteworthy point for obtaining residency in this country is that dual citizenship is not possible in this country; This means that after receiving the citizenship of Georgia, it is necessary to leave your previous citizenship and it is not possible to have the citizenship of two countries at the same time.

Terms of property purchase in Georgia 2022

Obtaining a residence permit in Georgia by purchasing a property in Georgia has its own terms and conditions. If you buy a property in this country where the experts of the banking institutions of this country estimate the price of this property to be more than one hundred thousand dollars, then you will be granted a one-year temporary residence if the property is not sold and maintained after It can be extended for 6 years. In this type of residence, in addition to yourself, your spouse and children also benefit from permanent residence in Georgia, which costs about $ 300 per person to complete all the steps to obtain residence.

Documents required to buy a property in Georgia

To buy a property in Georgia, people need to prepare documents. One of the most important documents for buying property in Georgia is not having any criminal record, which is very important for the Georgian government. Having a valid passport as well as presenting a bank account printout to prove financial ability to purchase the property will also be essential. Also, having two pieces of passport photo and identity card (national card and identity card) and confirmation of three Georgian citizens are other conditions and documents of residence in Georgia with the purchase of property.

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Tips for buying property in Georgia

  • Having a budget of about one hundred thousand dollars for yourself and your family to get a residence in Georgia by buying a property in Georgia is a necessity.
  • After 6 years of temporary residence, you can obtain permanent residence.
  • Georgia is at the forefront of science, and your children will be able to benefit from the country’s prestigious schools and universities in the future.
  • Buying property in Georgia due to low inflation in this country may be risky and after a few years the price will decrease for various reasons.
  • The security of this country is very high and the crime rate in Georgia is almost zero.
  • The added value of the property you buy will usually be more than 10% per annum.

Georgia property prices

In Georgia, apartments and houses are sold in two ways. The first type are apartments called green, which are sold with complete furniture. The second category of apartments are white type, in which there are no household appliances. The average purchase price of a property in Georgia 2022 and in the city of Tbilisi starts from 5 thousand dollars and is up to 100 thousand dollars. The best way to buy a property in this country is to buy a white apartment from its builders, which can be turned into a green apartment at the lowest price; Because the brokerage trend in this country will increase the price of buying property in Georgia. Therefore, buying a property from its builders will reduce its price.

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