Georgia is one of the countries that Iranians choose to live in. This country is located in both Asia and Europe in terms of geographical location and is one of the most attractive and popular countries for Iranian tourists and immigrants. The reasons for migrating to Georgia are different, but these immigrants also have common reasons, such as the low cost of living, living in an open social space, the historical and cultural connection between the people of Iran and Georgia, proximity to Iran, etc. Had. There are various legal ways to stay in this country, such as studying, buying property, registering a company, investing in Georgia, etc. Each of these methods has its own conditions. Therefore, it is better for applicants to stay in Georgia to determine their purpose from the beginning and get acquainted with its conditions. In this article, we are going to provide information about obtaining residency by investing in Georgia.

How to stay in Georgia through investment

People also have different types of residence depending on how they apply for residency in Georgia. If you are planning to stay in Georgia permanently, one of these methods is to invest in Georgia, and since this country is located in a strategic region in terms of trade, it has attracted the attention of investors. On the other hand, low taxes, low cost of living and favorable investment opportunities make people more motivated to obtain permanent residence in Georgia by investing in Georgia. It should be noted that Georgia is more of a capital-oriented country than an immigrant country, because the presence of foreign immigrants, if it is widespread, depending on the country’s population, can change the cultural context of Georgia. That is why Georgia is pursuing a policy of attracting immigrants through investment in order to avoid further economic problems and unemployment.

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It should be noted that some people who intend to immigrate to this country, thinking that they do not need a visa to enter Georgia, think that they can stay there by purchasing a ticket and taking money with them. Citizenship or permanent residence in Georgia is different. Citizens of Georgia, like other citizens, have the right to vote and to obtain a passport. The economic life of the Georgian people, price control, lower cost of living compared to income and the possibility of saving are among the reasons that have satisfied Iranian immigrants, and the opportunity to invest in Georgia is one of the safest ways to stay permanently because one can In addition to obtaining residency and enjoying all citizenship rights, earn an income for themselves.

What is the importance of investing in Georgia?

Investing in Georgia or any other country requires sufficient knowledge and information because lack of awareness can lead to financial losses; For this reason, it is necessary for people to seek the help of an investment advisor in Georgia if they do not have the necessary experience or a guide. Georgia has a good ability to attract investors due to its corruption-free financial system, excellent business opportunities and a free economy. But one must be familiar with the type and manner of investment so as not to risk one’s capital. It should be said that smart investment is in fact maintaining the value of money and achieving more capital, and given the inflation in the country and the devaluation of the national currency, we need to invest our money where it has a good and reliable return. Now, if we want to start an economic activity in a country like Georgia, we can examine the investment methods in Georgia and become more familiar with the economic indicators in this country. Therefore, getting help from consultants who have the necessary expertise and experience in this field can be very helpful.

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Investment in Georgia in the construction and real estate industry in three sectors: residential, office and commercial, agriculture and animal husbandry due to the high potential of agriculture and water resources, tourism due to increased passenger demand for tourist travel, purchase of government bonds, electricity generation, Establishing hotels, restaurants and other things is one of the ways to invest in Georgia that people can decide to invest in Georgia depending on the amount of budget and the goal they intend to pursue in the future. You can get help from institutions that are legally operating in this field to estimate the necessary costs as well as the amount of investment in Georgia to invest in the desired sector.

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