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In this article, we want to mention the conditions and rules of study in Georgian universities.

Studying abroad has been common among different people from different countries for many years.

But these days, study in Georgia is common among foreigners and students from different countries. That could be for reasons such as low tuition fees and low cost of living in Georgia.

How to register in Georgian university?

The process of studying in Georgia is such that the applicant must first negotiate with the universities of Georgia based on his / her major of study and determine which university has the relevant major and student admission capacity, and then you will register.

There are many international universities in Georgia, such as The University of Georgia, where foreign students from different countries  study in various fields.

The tuition fee for university is between $ 3,500 _ $ 5,000 per year depending on the major you study.

After registering at the university, you will be given a letter of introduction that you can go to the National Bank of Georgia called “ Bank of Georgia “ and open a bank account.

Other services provided by the university to students studying in Georgia, include health insurance, which is provided free of charge to students and like most universities has a restaurant and self-catering with a variety of meals with low costs.

Also, public transport including buses and subways, are cheaper for students.

Obtaining for student residency :

After completing all the registration affairs with documents (translation of the passport into Georgian, printing a bank statement in English (from the bank) and the registration certificate provided by the university), you will go to the administrative building and register your residence application.

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After ten days, the result will be announced to you and you will be given a residence permit to study in Georgia.

As the name implies, student residency is only provided on the condition of study, and is issued and extended depending on the years you study in Georgian universities ,and after the end of the study period, your residency will no longer be extended. For more information, you can contact our experienced consultants at Ava Georgia.

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