In Georgia, most apartments are traded in black or white frames because it enables the buyer to design the unit according to their own taste. On the other hand, construction industry activists can deliver projects easier and in a shorter time.

There are several types of Apartments in Tbilisi that you can purchase:

Black frame: Black frame Apartments refers to the incomplete apartment, which means the apartment has black walls, and only door and window.

White Frame: This apartment is 1 level above the black frame, which means the flat has all the water, gas pipes, electricity, etc.

Green Condition: In this case, the Apartment is almost ready and just needs some details to complete it, such as Wallpaper, Kitchen, Flooring…

Due to the way apartments are traded, many buyers of black and white units in Georgia are concerned about how they should complete their units. Because it takes a lot of time and money to complete the apartment and they may not have enough experience to renovate the building and ultimately waste time and money to achieve the desired result.

The best choice for buyers of black and white units is to outsource home remodeling work to reputable companies. Because they can control costs and save time from the beginning.

Remote Ava Georgia design team services:

1.Piping (Plumbing installations)

2.Wiring (building electric power system)

3.General work according to the plan

4.Ceramic work (bathroom ceramics)

5.Plastering, wallpaper

6.Execution of roof design

7.wall mounted boiler

8.Kitchen cabinet…

About our design and remote team:

We treat contracts in accordance with international standards by mentioning all legal obligations and clauses.In less than 3 years, more than 300 units have been delivered and have been accompanied by complete customer satisfaction, and it is possible for all our clients to visit our projects.

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Interior, exterior design and 3D design of the unit will be done for free after receiving the contract. Before starting and executing the work of the units, it is engineered and expertized and in the best way for you, with your request and how to use and operate the unit, we will provide you with your desired plan with a strong staff. For more information about capital You can get in touch with Ava Georgia Holding by buying a property.

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