Another investment business opportunity supported by the Georgian government is Fabrics Manufacturing Company which is considered in Manufacturing and Agribusiness sector. As we said in the previous articles, the Georgian government has a strong investment offer for investors, it has a liberal and free-market-oriented economic policy, access to a 2.3 billion consumer market through its solid FTA network including both EU and China, educated, skilled, and competitively priced workforce, 6 types of low and flat taxes, significantly decreased the number of licenses and permissions, well developed, integrated and multimodal transport infrastructure.

Fabrics Manufacturing Company

Georgia has a growing textile and apparel market. New Georgian clothing manufacture brands are entering the market and demand on apparel and technical textile is rising year over year. However, since Georgia does not have production facilities of textiles and fabrics, existing apparel factories have to import all textiles. Thus, they are not able to make personalized orders and have a deficit of individualized, different patterns of fabrics. The investment proposal offers a solution for the problem by creating fabrics manufacturing company in Georgia (B2B structure). Within the scope of the project, an agreement was established with German manufacturer of high-technology knitting machinery STOLL GmbH, who is willing to transfer technology in Georgia. The entire flat knitting production chain is featuring a fast picture-to-knitting program, individualized grading and patterning, and optimized production management system. The manufacturing company offers flexibility in production as it covers a
production from yarns to cut goods on fully fashioned to complete articles in different patterns with personalized structure, size and color variations. Fabrics manufacturing company will give to Georgian apparel and technical textile designers and manufacturers unparalleled possibilities for creation of new end products.

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  • Personalized and customized product range
  • Flexible manufacturing process
  • High level of automation

Financial Information: 

  • Total Capital Investment: $ 1.1 Million
  • NPV: $ 1.6 Million
  • IRR: 48%
  • Payback Period: 2.18

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