If you’ve been to Georgia country, you’ll fondly remember its charm, beauty and warm hospitality. It might be a small nation, sitting between Europe and Asia, but it has a lot to offer, with ancient cities, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, snowcapped mountains, lush nature and delicious wine.

Interesting Facts about Georgia country

  • It’s the cradle of winemaking: Georgia has been producing wine for 8,000 years and is considered to be the birthplace of winemaking. This discovery was entirely accidental. Georgians found that if grape juice was poured in large earthenware vessels, called qvevri, and buried underground over winter, it would turn into wine.
  • It is one of the most ecologically diverse places in the world: Georgia has almost every type of climate, from subtropical and alpine to semi-desert, but its land is also conducive to agriculture, with 49 different types of soil. This makes the Georgian biosphere one of the most ecologically diverse on earth.
  • Georgia contains two ancient European cities: Mtskheta and Kutaisi, both former capitals of Georgia, are among Europe’s oldest cities. Kutaisi served as the capital of the United Kingdom of Georgia. Meanwhile, Mtskheta is most widely known as the capital of the early Georgian Kingdom of Iberia and the place where Georgia adopted Christianity in 326CE.
  •  It is an undiscovered heliskiing destination: Abundant powder, spectacular views and wide open slopes make Georgia’s ski resort Gudauri, an excellent destination for heliskiing enthusiasts.
  • It has some of Europe’s highest permanent settlements: The villages of Bochorna and Ushguli, are some of the highest permanent settlements in Europe. Both are found in mountainous regions where the summer months are short and the winter seasons are snowy and breezy.
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