Georgia has attracted the attention of many foreign investors due to its unique geographical location, favorable climate, cold storage industry, advanced agricultural and tourism industry.

Over the past decade, the country has focused on attracting foreign investment, mainly foreign direct investment. In 2003, Georgia’s new government began to shift its economy to privatization and the free market. According to the World Bank, Georgia has been one of the fastest growing countries in terms of economic change, ranking 16th in the world in terms of trade facilitation in 2011.

Cold Storage In Georgia

In developing countries, including Georgia, due to high demand and supply shortages, a significant portion of agricultural and processed products are lost due to inadequate care. Thus the gap between Supply and demand will increase if the appropriate facilities such as warehouses and cold storages are used, not only by preventing food waste, the need for more cultivation and harvest will be eliminated But the price of raw materials and processed materials will also be significantly reduced.

cold storage is a place for keeping fresh products in a refrigerator or other cold place for preservation.

Different types of cold storage

Cooling :

1. Cold Room Above Zero (2 to 10 ° C): A cold store that provides special storage conditions such as high freezing point (oral freezing), relative temperature and, if necessary, other items (such as grape treatment with SO2).

2. Freezer Room (0 to -30 degrees Celsius) Freezer Room: A refrigerator that holds special storage conditions such as sub-freezing point temperature of -18 degrees Celsius, relative temperature and, if necessary, other items (such as freezing food) provide.

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3. Ultra-low Freezer Room (-10 to -40 degrees Celsius)

4. Peripheral isolated canopy (0 to 50 ° C)

Humidity :

  1. without humidity control
  2. 95% RH limited to dew point c 400 and 30 c
  3. Chemical drying system using ultra-low humidity Use special cases

The advantages of cold storage

  • Refrigerator for food storage (fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy and all kinds of food products)
  • Drug depot – vaccine
  • Blood Bank (Plasma Freezer)
  • Environmental test room
  • Flower storage (humidity controlled)

Building a refrigerator is basically a type of investment and is classified into a series of long-term, risky investments. Investing in Georgia can be a lucrative business if you follow the do’s and don’ts. Because Georgia has a very good infrastructure. If you want to set up an industrial cold store, you can Contact our investment experts in Ava Georgia. We offer our experience for free to those who are interested in investing in Georgia.

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