Another investment business opportunity supported by the Georgian government is SPA and Wellness Resort which is considered in the real estate and hospitality sector and it’s also supported by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia. As we said in the previous articles, the Georgian government has a strong investment offer for investors, it has a liberal and free-market-oriented economic policy, access to a 2.3 billion consumer market through its solid FTA network including both EU and China, educated, skilled, and competitively priced workforce, 6 types of low and flat taxes, significantly decreased the number of licenses and permissions, well developed, integrated and multimodal transport infrastructure.

SPA and Wellness Resort

Georgia has a big history of Spa and Wellness tourism being a top destination in former Soviet Union. Taking into account Georgia’s location and unique natural resources, such as balneal waters, mud resources and mountainous landscapes, the country has great potential to become one of the most significant SPA and Wellness destinations in the region.
Tskaltubo, Borjomi, Sairme, Likani and Akhtala are among the top Spa and Wellness destinations in Georgia. Tskaltubo, located in Imereti region, west part of Georgia, is a famous spa brand in CIS countries. Vast reserve of mineral and thermal waters with unique therapeutic qualities, subtropical climate and rich nature make it the unique balneal and spa resort in the region. The city is just 9 km away from Kutaisi International Airport.
Borjomi, a resort town in south-central Georgia, is famous for its volcanic origin mineral water, which is over 1,500 years old. With its mineral water, an array of stunning landscapes, lush and wild flora, and protected areas, Borjomi is a unique spa and four-season destination.

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