Due to Coronavirus crisis, Britain imposed restrictions on travelers returning from Iran, china and some countries who were effected by Covid_19 as Georgia initially closed all flights to these countries included Iran, China and prevented their citizens from entering Georgia.

In a statement issued on August 5th, The British government imposed restrictions on travelers returning from Iran, china…

Among the indicators announced for updating the list is the low or near average daily incidence per 100000 people in the EU during the two weeks before the survey.

Iran and Afghanistan are still not on the list, and Iranian citizens can not enter the borders of EU member states if they do not reside in Europe, and European borders will remain closed to Iran. This is true for the citizens of Afghanistan as well as Iran.

Unnecessary” travel by foreign nationals to the European Union has been banned since March 17th to combat the spread of the Coronavirus.

The EU’s list of 12 countries includes Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and China is also on the list with special conditions.

Georgia Coronavirus crisis, effective measures and government support for people:

Initial government actions as soon as the coronavirus spreads in Georgia:

As soon as the government heard about the spread of Coronavirus in Georgia, it took full action to close its borders to China, Iran and Italy, then closed its land borders and later banned all flights from entering Georgia.

It imposed a state of emergency and general quarantine in cities and villages to protect the health and lives of the people.

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She also encouraged all small companies and shops except post offices, banks, pharmacies and supermarkets to work (work at home). And that’s why the number of patients in Georgia is very low, which is also related to people who came from the mentioned countries, including Italy. Fortunately, Georgia is now in a white state.

I hope this article is useful for you and gives you enough information that you need to know about Georgia and their reaction to Coronavirus.

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