In this article we are trying to explain the property purchase price in Georgia in 2020.As most of you know these days immigration and living in foreign countries is one of the issues discussed among the people from different countries for studying, investing, living and many different reasons.

These are rooted in the solidity and stability of countries and international communities that can be highlighted:

  1. war 
  2. Incompetence in governing countries
  3. Lack of freedom 
  4. High cost and chaos 
  5. Lack of economic stability

In some cases, it looks positive:

  1. Work and life progress
  2. Education and knowledge 
  3. Making a better future life for children 
  4. Investment   

Recently, a lot of people from different countries migrated to Georgia and the first thing that comes to their mind is having a place to live.
because having an apartment, even a small one makes you feel calm.

Property purchase price in Georgia:

When you buy a property doesn’t matter how much you pay for it, the buyer owns 100% of the property.

Apartment prices in Tbilisi start at $ 25,000, depending on the size, area, neighborhood, project, quick and easy access to urban and material services, and even black frame or white frame and the apartment is ready or furnished.

In order to preserve the value of their banknotes, many foreign investors have converted their currency into dollars over the years and have invested in buying apartments in Georgia, also they are able to get the Georgian residency for even their family(Parents, children, spouse or husband)

They multiplied the value of their currency and increased their dollar capital.

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Ava Georgia Company recommends you to take action to preserve the value of your capital and get the residence in Georgia as soon as possible.

Currently, according to the latest laws, obtaining a Georgian permit in Georgia through the purchase of real estate is $100,000 and also in this case you are able to get the residency for your family members (parents, children, spouse) FREELY (with just paying administrative fees.

In case you have any question regarding purchasing a property in Georgia country and immediately apply for the residency for you and your family members you can contact our consultant in Ava Georgia.

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