Another investment business opportunity supported by the Georgian government is Turkey meat production in Georgia and it is also considered in the Manufacturing and Agribusiness sectors. As we said in the previous articles, the Georgian government has a strong investment offer for investors, it has a liberal and free-market-oriented economic policy, access to a 2.3 billion consumer market through its solid FTA network including both EU and China, educated, skilled, and competitively priced workforce, 6 types of low and flat taxes, significantly decreased the number of licenses and permissions, well developed, integrated and multimodal transport infrastructure.

Turkey Meat Production In Georgia

These days Turkey breeding is common in most countries in the world. Even though Georgia is a small country with a population of 4 million but this country provided a very good place to invest in Turkey breeding Because it has a strong relationship with European countries, which in fact has attracted many investors from different countries in the world.

Turkey meat Production Project description:
The purpose of the project is to develop a waste-free turkey meat production facility in Georgia. The implementation of this project will result in replacing imported frozen meat with locally produced fresh, high-quality turkey meat.
Location: Lagodekhi, Kakheti region or Mukhrani, Kartli Region
Project Highlights includes: Construction of buildings for the production of turkey meat, including poultry houses for growing and fattening turkeys, providing a production capacity of 6,000/3,000/1,500 tons of turkey meat per year Construction of slaughterhouse with the capacity of 300 units per hour High-quality refrigerators for freezing or cooling Construction of turkey feed production plant Construction of modern incubator for hatching Construction of modern meat processing plant that will produce additional meat products Purchase of high-quality hatching eggs from Hungary, the United States, or Canada
Target Markets: Local market
Annual production quantity: 1,500 tons

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Financial Highlights:
Total Capital Investment: $ 8 million
NPV (4 years): $ 10.1 million
Payback period: 3.6
IRR (10 years): 40%

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